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Cost Includes

  • Access to the Better Pastors online community. A specific group formed with 5-7 other pastors including guided discussions, resources and accountability.
  • Lifetime access to better pastors resource group (a large group forum for sharing ideas and resources).
  • In Person Retreat including lodging for two nights and most meals. We will be staying in a really nice Lodge in the mountains about an hour from Denver. Cost is based on double occupancy and DOES include group transportation to the Lodge from the Denver Airport (does not include airfare).

What is a Mastermind?

  • A mastermind is a group of 5-7 highly motivated members who meet together to encourage, challenge and assist one another with the help of a coach.  
  • The Better Pastors mastermind group will help and challenge you to think differently, act responsibly and invest wisely in the things that matter most in life and ministry.  A few subjects we will cover:
    • Personal leadership development 
    • Work / life balance
    • Goal setting
    • Time management
    • Team building
    • Work efficiency
    • Developing systems and structures
    • Going to the next level in key areas of your life and ministry

Reasons You Should Join a Mastermind Group

The Better Pastors mastermind will give you new levels of accountability by providing support in your faith, family and ministry.

  • Support System

    Each member of the group has similar goals.  They understand what you are going through and will encourage you to keep moving forward.

  • Learn From Others

    You will have opportunities to learn and opportunities to share.  You will benefit from the collective experience of the group.

  • Access to Resources and Tools

    Members share information and resources that have helped them in their life and ministry.

  • Achieve Your Goals

    There will be a high priority on setting and reaching your goals through regular accountability and positive peer pressure.

  • Valuable Feedback

    Valuable feedback: You will hear different perspectives from others in similar ministry and life situations.

  • Expand Your Relationships

    You will meet and network with other motivated individuals in your group.  This opens up their networks and opportunities for access to other relationships and resources.

Current Group Offerings

Fall 2019

Better Pastors Mastermind
Begins September 2019 

Retreat Date
Nov 14-16

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$900 Total

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Hearing others ideas and input helps to keep an open perspective.

Priscilla Coffey

I take something from each member that makes me better!

Kevin Hess

I have really appreciated the friendships and the resources that this group has offered.

Nicky Stade

Gotta be honest, I connected with several people on a genuine level.

Bob Miller

Those connections of people who care about me and who I care about – that’s important for me!

Emily Hill