Become A Better Pastor

By Connecting with Others In Ministry


Those connections of people who care about me and who I care about – that’s important for me!

Emily Hill

I have really appreciated the friendships and the resources that this group has offered.

Nicky Stade

Hearing others ideas and input helps to keep an open perspective.

Priscilla Coffey

Gotta be honest, I connected with several people on a genuine level.

Bob Miller

I take something from each member that makes me better!

Kevin Hess

Current Group Offerings

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Who Will Be In My Group?

  • How Many People

    Each Group will be 5-7 Individuals

  • Type of Group

    You Can Choose The Type of Group You Want.

  • Joining With A Friend

    You Can Choose People Who You Already Know To Be A Part of Your Group

Once you register, you will be giving a link to our Group Discovery Section. You will answer a series of questions about yourself and what you are looking for in a group. From that, you will be matched with other ministers like yourself who are looking to connect with a group.