Become A Better Pastor

By Connecting with Others In Ministry


Those connections of people who care about me and who I care about – that’s important for me!

Emily Hill

Hearing others ideas and input helps to keep an open perspective.

Priscilla Coffey

Gotta be honest, I connected with several people on a genuine level.

Bob Miller

I take something from each member that makes me better!

Kevin Hess

I have really appreciated the friendships and the resources that this group has offered.

Nicky Stade

Current Group Offerings

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Who Will Be In My Group?

  • How Many People

    Each Group will be 5-7 Individuals

  • Type of Group

    You Can Choose The Type of Group You Want.

  • Joining With A Friend

    You Can Choose People Who You Already Know To Be A Part of Your Group

Once you register, you will be giving a link to our Group Discovery Section. You will answer a series of questions about yourself and what you are looking for in a group. From that, you will be matched with other ministers like yourself who are looking to connect with a group.