Urban Islands Coaching Cluster // Oct 2018

From: $200.00 / month with a 30-day free trial and a $200.00 sign-up fee


You’ve been called to a hard place. The last thing you want to do is go alone. Urban Islands Project Virtual Coaching Clusters connect you to leaders like you who are taking the Church to an urban neighborhood. Let’s do this together.

Be a part of a small group of church starters that will journey together through the discovery, pre-launch, and post launch process of starting a new faith community.

Retreat Date: December 7-9

Cost Includes:
  • This is the only group that also includes FULL ACCESS FOR SPOUSES as well. In fact, for those who are married, we expect and encourage spouses to participate and attend the retreat. All items listed below are for spouses as well.
  • Access to the Better Pastors online community. A one year journey formed with 4-7 other urban church starters including guided discussions, resources and accountability.
  • A monthly group video call with a ministry coach
  • A monthly 1:1 call with a ministry coach
  • Lifetime access to better pastors resource group (a large group forum for sharing ideas and resources)
  • In Person (IRL) Retreat including lodging for two nights and most meals. We will be staying in a really nice Cabin in the mountains about an hour from Denver. Cost is based on double occupancy and DOES include transportation to the Cabin from the Denver Airport (does not include airfare).


  • Access to real time learning community
  • Access to cumulative urban church planting knowledge
  • Access to proven set of pre-launch metrics
  • Assisting in quantifying pre-launch process
  • Answer logistical questions with website, etc.
  • Name Discovery Process
  • Development of individualized vision values etc.
  • Additional Informal coaching with UIP Team members
  • Access to city focused online community
  • Access to UIP Church Starters Facebook group
  • Pre-Launch Fundraising Coaching and Training
  • Launch Team Recruitment

Minimum Requirements:

  • Must live (or plan to) inside the boundaries of your community of focus
  • Expected launch date must be 6-24 months into the future
  • Must be affiliated (or plan to be} with a sending organization (a denomination, a church, or a sending organization that will assist with governance accountability)
  • Must be planting in an Urban Context
    • Within the city limits of a city of more than half a million people
    • OR, in a neighborhood with a population density of 3,000 or more people per square mile

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